Neybis Sanchez, licensed real estate broker, has been in the
real estate industry for over 15 years in the South Florida market.
With her vast experience, Neybis has been able to conquer the market
in many aspects through working with investors, top developers, luxury
home builders, and assisting families in buying and selling their

Neybis’ biggest strength lies in her ability to identify the
individual needs of each real estate portfolio and maximizing the
potential for growth and investment in each individual.

After graduating from Florida International University with two
Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and Psychology, Neybis
endeavored into real estate brokerage ownership.

Joining Keller Williams has opened up many opportunities for growth,
learning, developing, sharing and, in essence, mastering the skill of
a real estate market in South Florida.

Partnering with Miami living Group, an expansion team of Global Living
Companies, Inc., is yet another milestone in the developing and growth
of Neybis, both individually and professionally.

Neybis believes that there are no boundaries when you surround
yourself with like-minded individuals that can contribute to your
growth in knowledge. She believes that when you absorb, mastermind,
and share with others the gifts that have been presented to you, you
will be in a limitless environment moving forward.

“I am blessed and excited to be in partners with the MiamiLiving Group” – Neybis